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     Dear Fellow Tummy Exercise Enthusiast,

     Do you know the best type of tummy flattner exercises that you can do?

     Do you know the secret methods of belly reduction or you are eager to learn about these methods?

     Do you know what kind of lower ab workouts are the most effective?

     If not, you will soon.  

     Thanks to a pain-free Tummy Flattening Training System made for "regular people" with the desire to have slim abs, and want to look good and feel great, youíll quickly discover that tummy workouts can be fast, easy, painless and fun.

 You Will Feel Fabulous When You Can Finally Make Those Abdominal Workouts Pay Off...

      People might even start calling you "The Ab Airport" when they see how Impressive & Attractive your Flat and Slim Abs Look!

You'll have your tummy flattened in no time thanks to the easy new training system shared with you in "The Tummy Flattening System". 

Written in plain, easy-to-understand language with no complicated instructions - this informative system shows you everything you need to know to easily flatten your tummy in the shortest time possible, totally pain free.  Youíll learn all of the basics... the best types of exercises to do, what never to do, how often you should train, the best props to purchase and much more.  It's extremely informative and inspirational.  All of the information is laid out in simple, descriptive steps so you can do the workout routines, plan your diets, and exercise your tummy at your own pace, without feeling lost or that you're not making progress.

 You'll Start Feeling the Results On Your Very First Day...

  And your stomach area will look lean and attractive in no time, thanks to this incredible new manual that is helping "Tummy Exercise Enthusiasts" Everywhere. Forget reading all of those boring books and buying all of those expensive exercise DVD videos. And don't even think about hiring a high priced personal trainer until you've learned the insider methods covered in this manual. By the time you get finished with this easy breakthrough system, you'll know more than most of the so called "pros"...and your abdominals will be nice, firm and beautiful. Whats more, you'll look & feel great too ! 

Here are just a few of the many amazingly simple & effective secret techniques youíll discover:

  • What kinds of tummy flattner exercises work, and are the most effective for you in  (page 5)

  • How to get flat abdominals that will make you look sizzling hot on the beach (chapter 4)

  • The best ways to help yourself stay motivated and stick with your ab workout routines and fitness goals (chapter 6)

  • What are the main differences between men and women when it comes to fat storage in our bodies?  The answer is on page 4.

  • Does the mere size of your tummy impress you or do you prefer having strength and being toned around the gut ?  Well, with the methods you'll learn in building abdominal strength & toning for women & men, you'll discover the many benefits of firm abs and a good strong back.  See chapter 2 to discover the #1 thing you must think through before buying home gym equipment and exercise props for your ab exercises.

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  • What kind of workout routines will help reduce your lower stomach (page 26)

  • What kind of easy exercises or workouts you can do to lose flab & get tight, lean abs (page 70)

  • Why 95% of tummy exercise enthusiasts focus on the wrong exercise/s despite your desire to reduce flab around the abs and have nice curves around the waist(page 3)

  • Does childbirth mean goodbye to nice flat stomachs for women ? (see page 71)

  • If you have had kids or are worried about post-natal weight loss or stretch marks, what are the things you can do to solve or address these possible problems (Chapter 7)

  • What kinds of methods will solve the persistent lower tummy bulge (see page 36)

  • A mind-set change to consider to see if the hundreds of crunches you do actually mean you've found the way to having flat, slim adominals (Most people overlook this and think more is best Ė see page 5)

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  • Why itís crucial to know about effective lower abdominal exercises, but also to understand and apply the "real" secrets to fat reduction that will give you the flat abs you desire (see chapter 4)

  • What actually happens when your tummy gets strengthened when you do ab exercises (page 5)

  • Where does the fat from your stomach disapper to, when you do the correct types of curves workouts (page 4)

  • Discover whether it is really easier to tone your upper abs than your lower abs (page 28 & 72)

  • The amazing ways you can plan your belly reduction goals, so that you can achieve them in your own set time frame be it in 1 week or 1 month ... and be guaranteed of getting measurable results (page 12 & 13)

  • Why tummy workouts at your desk in the office can work for you... and what other fun activities you can get cracking at, to produce truly awesome tummy flattening results (pages 5, 38 & 26)

  • The differences in calorie needs in men and women       (page 11)

  • Is it worth the extra cost of getting tummy exercise machines such as ab rollers, stability balls, or electro muscle stimulators and others ?  (see page 65)

  • What You can do to avoid aches and pains and your back and neck hurting when you do your ab workouts or crunches ..... Shouldn't it just hurt my abdominals, or really... Should it hurt at ALL? (page 28)

  • The ways to achieve six pack abs or a washboard stomach if you want to, OR .... just tone your tummy to look nice, fit and attractive (page 67)

  • What every new mother must know to get rid of pregnancy flab around the tummy (page 24)

  • How to easily begin your tummy exercises and workout routines without having to spend money or joining a gym... (see page 9 for the answer)

  • The effective ways to reduce your belly without lengthy workouts that take up hours and cause you pain (page 26)

  • Specific questions you must ask yourself before asking how fast you can see the results of a flattened tummy (page 13 & 15)

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  • The real reason why the hundreds of crunches and tummy exercises alone, are NOT working for you ......... and what you can do about it  (page 13)

  • How to reduce fat around the love handles or obliques and lose weight (page 32)

  • How long before you can see results if you do tummy exercises ... every single day (Chapter 2)

  • The top 10 Tummy exercises preferred by men and women? (page 56)

  • How you can decide on whether your tummy flattner exercises are meant to give you six pack abs or just to give you a slim, trim, narrow attractive waist (page 56)

  • Sound advice to heed for tummy exercises if you are over 40, have special conditions or have neck, back or joint conditions (page 15)

  • The faster way to remove belly fat (see page 75 & Chapter 6)

  • 10 recipes and fitness women exercise diets every tummy exercise enthusiast must know about (pages 79-94)

  • What ways to tone your upper as well as lower abdominals (chapter 5)

  • What are the best ways of getting rid of the fat around the lower part of your abs? The answer may shock you but there is hope and You CAN Do It. (page 72)

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  • What are the exact methods of abdominal strength toning women and men prefer. (Chap 5).

  • Fun things you can do, 1 for each day of the week, to reduce tummy fat (page 76)

  • Why your workout routines or your tummy exercises over the past weeks or months are not working for you (page 14)

  • Whether you only reduce your love handels, or if you have to do ab exercises for the whole tummy ... Once you understand this secret, you will have the most powerful knowledge to help you achieve your goals of flattening your tummy (page 4)

  • What are the best ways to make your tummy workout routines & weight loss goals go hand in hand (chapters 4 and 5)

  • When doing your tummy flattner exercises involving weights, make sure you do not make this mistake so that you suffer pain or hurt yourself (page 28)

  • The things to look out for if you've had past injuries, or have a special condition, or you're an older (only in age but young at heart) exercise enthusiast (page 15)

  • What exercises you can do to reduce the upper abs and the lower abs together, without having to waste your time to work these areas separately (chapters 4 & 5)

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  • The single most important principle to understand when it comes to reducing your stomach, especially if you are trim everywhere else, except for your tummy (page 4)

  • What are the best ways to make the most out of your limited exercise time .... effective tummy exercises for busy people (page 59)

  • How to tone and sculpt your abs if you're already lean around your midriff (page 66)

  • How you can achieve the abdominal muscle strength toning women desire after childbirth (page 71)

  • True or False: Itís impossible not to have a flat tummy if you do more than 99 crunches every day.  False! Especially when you know the secret on pages 4 and 5

  • Why tummy exercise groups, when chosen and done correctly, can also help strengthen your back (page 7)

  • What can be done to reduce your tummy without cosmetic surgery?  (the answers in chapter 7 may shock you)

  • What important tips you can follow to help you control your appetite and food intake (page 22)

See Your Testimonial here by emailing your testimonial, full name and a link (if you like) to us, please. Thank you

  • How to reduce the size of your tummy without engaging in seriously heavy workouts, time consuming exercises, and get results within a reasonable time frame .... discover how you can incorporate your workouts into other fun areas of your life (page 59)

  • When you've finally lost weight and reduced your tummy ...   See chapter 3 to find out how to maintain your figure and keep your tummy flat and trim by being creative with your diet.  It can save you hundreds of dollars and help you stay fit

  • Leg exercises that you can work on to burn calories and help trim your tummy fast, make sure you try these out to have flat abs and great legs.. (page 44)

  • What are the most effective ways of getting your midriff ready for the beach or for wearing a bikini, swimsuit or swim trunks, and even for bare naked swimming (chapters 4 and 5)

  • What to do if we girls want a nice firm stomach & trim waist, but are worried about gettting a masculine six pack stomach (and you get to choose how it looks) Page 67

  • How you can get used to the idea that despite having a mighty tummy for a few years, you Can work your tummy down to size (page 10)

  • Your own preferred and even customized way of losing your gut (page 26)

  • How the creative use of delicious low fat recipes can help you reduce your belly and at the same time allow you to enjoy & be more aware of what you have for your meals every day (chapter 3)

  • How belly reduction need not require joining a gym, if you don't want to (page 26)

  • How strength training and weight resistance workouts can help men & women to reduce tummy flab, tone their bodies and even build a muscular & fit frame, easily. The same training can also simply provide the effects of strength toning women only hope to achieve but without developing the bulky masculine musculature all over their bodies (i.e. tone only for definition in your ab area) (Chap 5)

  • Why some of the myths and half-truths about tummy flattening, stomach workouts, and spot reducing, can confuse tummy exercise enthusiasts .... to the point of despair. In the Tummy Flattening System, you will discover the whole truth and learn the really effective ways (page 4 & 16)

  • And much, much more!

"Imagine The Looks Of Amazement You'll Get From Your Family & Friends As Your Abdominal Workouts, Weight Loss Routines, Diet Choices, and Other Fun Activities Show Their Eye Popping, Head Turning Results !"

     Until now, it would take you months of painful, slow, and time consuming workouts to flatten your tummy ... maybe only just a little.   THIS SYSTEM REALLY DOES MAKE IT FAST, EASY & EFFECTIVE when it comes to achieving your tummy flattening and ab workout goals. Itís perfect for beginners and even advanced Tummy Exercise Enthusiasts.  Soon, youíll have your friends and family staring in amazement over how great you look, and how much more confidence you radiate.  

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    But wait, there's more...

" Today Only, , You Get An Incredible $20 Bonus Resource Manual For FREE!"

     If you decide to preview "The Tummy Flattening System" by midnight,, then you'll also get: The Bonus Resource Manual of The Tummy Flattening System...FREE ! ($20 Value) In this special report, you'll learn everything you need to know when it comes to: 

  • Cooking low fat diets

  • Burning fat

  • Injury free workouts

  • Selecting a personal trainer

  • Supplements

  • Books

  • Creative use of exercise Videos

  • And much much more.

  •      You'll discover exactly who you can ask or what to do, if you have questions about safe and fun workings,  trimming and toning your abs  and getting a beach-ready body.  Youíll find all you need, right here.

         You'll know where and what types of good videos to buy to help you reach your tummy flattening goals. 

         You also get invaluable links to organizations, books, and the best place to do specific online research.  The resources in this free bonus guide will save you a lot of time and hundreds of dollars when you have a question.

         Listen,  you may spend countless hours trying to flatten your tummy, but in the wrong way.  But, now you can effectively reduce your belly in 30 days and finally flatten your tummy.  You can download the system right now for the introductory soft-launch price of only $23.77. That's less than what it costs to eat dinner at a decent restaurant.  I am only testing the price of the book at this low level for a few days.  I will be raising it shortly.After the soft-launch, the price will be increased to $36 To guarantee that you'll get the book for only $23.77, you must order today ().

         Is it worth it to pay a few bucks to learn the secrets that will motivate, inspire, and help you flatten your tummy?

    You be the judge.  You'll take absolutely no risk with my: 

    60-day, No Questions Asked, 100% Guarantee!

     "Download the 90 information-packed pages of the Tummy Flattening system in a convenient Portable Document format (PDF) and try just a few of the strategies.  If your tummy flattening efforts do not amaze you on how quickly and easily it is for you to reduce your belly, I don't want to keep your money.  If you're not completely satisfied with the book for any reason or no reason at all, simply contact me and I'll issue you a cheerful refund.  I stand completely behind this product and I know that if you just try a couple of the strategies you'll reduce your tummy and have firm, flat and attractive abs in no time! What's more, the download takes you no more than 2 minutes.

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         So, what are you waiting for?

         If youíve always wanted to learn the secrets that will keep you motivated and inspired to help flatten your tummy, hereís the one system that can make your experience a lot easier, more fun and more rewarding than youíve ever thought possible, totally pain free.

         If youíre serious about getting slim, trim, and head-turning abs in the fastest time possible, you owe it to yourself to get started the right way.  Click here to order now to get the book and the free bonus report.

         Order now and discover how much better you'll look and feel with a nice, flat and firm midriff!


    Tony Chang

    P.S. - Remember, you'll get the "Tummy Flattening System" ebook and the FREE special Bonus : "The Bonus Resource Manual" for only $23.77The price will be going up in a few days, After the soft launch, the price will increase to $36, so to lock in the price and reserve your copy at only $23.77, you must order by midnight . 

    P.P.S. - You also have 60 days to review the 90 information packed pages of Tummy Flattening System in a convenient Portable Document format (PDF), and try all of the strategies to reduce your belly and flatten your tummy in the fastest time possible. What's more, the download takes you no more than 2 minutes!  You can easily get a refund at anytime during those 60 days.  You take absolutely no risk.  So once again, I have to ask you: What are you waiting for? Start on the road to getting flat, firm and totally awesome abs now !  Order Now!

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